is here! It only took 20 years but I finally did it!

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Introducing and an admission about procrastination…
It was either in 2000 or 2001 when I used a DSL connection to bring up either Network Solutions or GoDaddy to purchase the domain name Lucija, under the impression there would eventually be a design portfolio to show off. This was a time when flat HTML pages ruled, CSS and webfonts were out of my peripheral vision, and truthfully, creating a vanity website to call my own was a technical headache for me. Oh, the curse of being a learning-differenced perfectionist!

Eventually I would embrace the splendors of using CSS and CSS Frameworks in Dreamweaver, the introduction of webfonts to remove Verdana and Arial from my typography preferences, and slowly jump on the WordPress bandwagon (only many of the themes left me frustrated). So did the potential of a portfolio consisting of mostly Page Flow Diagrams in Onmigraffle or Interaction and UI designs under NDAs. The redirect from to an page continued and continued…

Over the years I bought theme after theme including a couple of licenses for Jupiter and Oshine (managed at least one site with the latter), dismal attempts at Designmodos’ Slides and Qards, but a completely satisfying experience creating a musical journal with 15Zine (stellar support, btw). I’d download a Jupiter 5/6/X template here and there over the past five years only to be frustrated with the lack of control over presentation (which I can only blame on that useless case of perfectionism on my part). Excuses for not completing this site were as plentiful as hot outrigger canoeists at the Queen Liluokalani race in Kona.

Running out of excuses I decided to sit down, buckle up, and force myself to make sense of Jupiter X and Elementor. It helps I found a purpose for the “blog” as a means to document the projects that bring me joy and satisfaction (sewing and knitting) with scattered design jobs here and there; and to document this gorgeous location I’ve settled in.

Welcome to my site and enjoy the ride,  xo L