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TLDR: Split’s favorite crafty Californian Sarajevska snaha | Recovering IX/UX/UI/Designer | Seeker of intriguing sounds | Instant Pot and Nutribullet fangirl | Coffee drinker | Lazy SUPer | Maker of fashionable face masks | Votes progressive in the U.S. & Croatia | Thinks learning Croatian is headache-inducing.

(That’s me in the middle flanked by my charming husband Samir and my delightfully bad-ass sister Annie. They’re both proud smart-asses and I love ’em to pieces.)

colophon, a labor of agony and love, was built using the following tools, apps, and caffeinated beverages:

  • Theme: Jupiter X (which became much more useful and much less frustrating after upgrading to Elementor Pro). Additional themes auditioned include Oshine (which I love for our SUP site) and “Pro” by Themeco (which seems to have become less-confusing in the past couple of years).
  • Design tools: Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, both of which I love and evangelize almost as much as my dearly-departed Macromedia Adobe Fireworks.
  • Mindmeister was used to plot out the site map given this website is without shopping cart experiences, HIPAA-protected search result page-flows, or any complex interactions whatsoever. 
  • has been an invaluable resource regarding how to plan for, and set up, a personal blog.
  • Tommy Soft is the self-hosted type family purchased on Creative Market. (Thank you for enabling every accent-mark necessary for a 14-letter family name acquired through marriage!)
  • I’ve been a fan of Retro Supply Co.‘s half-tones, textured-brushes, and distortions for years and am glad they support the Affinity community now.
  • Coffee: D-16 or Spar whole beans brewed in a Clever Coffee Dripper or Bialetti Induction Pot (3 tazze). Or sometimes cold-brewed in an empty honey jar.